"Ah, the love of life, art, food and wine. My wife and I have spent several wedding anniversaries there and love the people and the country." Click on the thumbnails for details.
Fleurs de Salt, France  When we were in Salt, France the color of the entire town was gray. Gray stone walls, gray shutters, gray roofs, gray walks. Then we turned into a small side street and behold a beautiful flower shop. Finally color and soft surfaces and textures. We stayed awhile and yes, we bought some flowers. A special day in Provance.  28"x22" Acrylic on Canvas Sentinels of Abbey Senanque, France  On our quest for lavenders in bloom in the Provence region of France we came across the 12th century Notre-Dame-de-Sénanque abbey which is still an active monastery. They earn money for the abbey through the sale of their lavender.  We went to Provence in June to see the lavenders in bloom, but because of the cold spring, we were almost a month too early. So the bushes you see here in full bloom were still small green schrubs. With some artistic license I can transport you into the future and show you the true colors of the region.  18"x24" Acrylic on Canvas Rush Hour on the Seine - Paris, France  The houseboats under the Pont d'lena bridge in Paris on the Seine by the Eiffel Tower. I love all the colors and textures of the new under the arches of the old.  Nancy and I walked all day on this road, a great way to see the city close up and the locals.  14"x18"  Original Acrylic on Canvas