" The trees are so different here than on the coast, and I love the rich greens in the summer and vibrant colors in the fall." Click on the thumbnails for details.
Into the Light  Talk about the best laid plans going astray.   I painted this experimenting with the play of textures creating planes in space, foreground, midground and background. To contrast with the detailed leaf textures in the foreground and the textural movement of the trees in the back, I made the midground smooth and calming.  When I unveiled this painting, the reaction was not what I expected. Everyone asked which hole and which golf coarse was it? And the stories they told of being in that exact spot tring to shoot through the trees to get back onto the fairway.  So the name of the painting was changed, as I too have tried to make that very same shot ... way too many times.  24" x 36" Original Acrylic on Canvas Orchards and Red Fields  Tucked in a little valley off a major highway in Washington sits this small orchard. Old, abandoned, left to fend for itself, with the gentle stream running through it, it was a perfect picnic place.   The red fields? In all of my paintings I use my signature red somewhere. This one called out for massive blazing fields.  30" x 15" Original Acrylic on Canvas Autumnl Delights  Coming from the mid-west, my autumns were spent roaming down back roads like this surronded by flaming red, yellow and gold trees.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, those trees don't exist very often. We mostly have the yellows and green evergreens. But here in my roamings, I was able to catch the northwest autumn, as the afternoon light have made the yellows turned to gold intertwined with the rich greens and purple shadows.    30" x 24" Original Acrylic on Canvas Sauvie Peace  The calming, peaceful waters and bank that surrond Sauvie Island drew me to this spot. A little off the beaten path now, but it used to have heavy boat traffic as evidenced by the old deserted pilings. One can imagine the hustle and bustle and sounds of the area back in the old days.   The original painting hangs in the home of a couple who were married on the island not far from here. A painting loved with many stories both from the past and yet to be made in the future.  30" x 40" Limited Edition of 100 Canvas Giclee
Serenity  Near the large Crater Lake National Park in Oregon is this small little spot, Diamond Lake. This is a small side stream that feeds the lake, to me far more interesting.  I was drawn to it because around the sparkling waters are tall pine trees in the back forming a wall around the spot with the various bushes and small trees eeking out life among the giants.  30" x 40" Original Acrylic on Canvas Pink Barn  Every month we drive the road across the mountain into the big city of Portland. On this trip, as we were passing this barn, the light moved out from under the clouds and hit the white barn just right and turned it pink and the trees a reddish orange. I quickly pulled off the road and took a picture, not believing my eyes. It almost looks like autumn back east.  20" x 25" Limited Edition of 100 Canvas Giclee