"I have tried to capture the colors and love of land that the Italians have in these paintings. As you can see I enjoyed Tuscany and have gone back several times". Click on the thumbnails for details.
Campi di Girasole - Tuscany, Italy  Tuscany - Sun, brilliant colors and history. This was a little place we saw from the road as we drove through Tuscany, southwest of Sienna. Original Acrylic on Canvas  18"x24" Tuscan Sunflower Fields - Italy  This to me is Tuscany. Miles and miles of sunflowers with little walled hilltowns popping up among the flowers. In this area we saw four hilltowns connected by vibrant yellows, greens and blacks.  15"x30" Acrylic on Canvas All Tucked In - Riomaggiore, Italy   These are the boats the locals use, they are anchovie fishermen and since there are very few cars allowed in town, the fishermen park their boats on the street, and in these "parking lots". Wonderful patterns of colors. Original Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x16" Before the Evening Rush - Vernazza, Italy  The town square, the Mediterranean Sea on one side, and the colorful umbrellas of the many restaurants on the other. We ate dinner at the restaurant with the yellow umbrellas, then strolled the Med, just like the locals.   Original Acrylic on Canvas   16"x20"
Beaches of Monterosso, Italy  Town of  Monterosso, this is the seaside resort town of the five little towns that make up the Cinque Terre. Acres of colorful umbrellas and cabannas all along the beach from one end of town to the other. This was a weekend and the Italian families came out to enjoy the sun and surf and family.                                   Original Acrylic on Canvas  24"x30" Sunflowers in Vase  I have painted for over fifty years and this is my first still life. After our trip to Tuscany to see the sunflowers, my wife bought these flowers and put them in a delf vase she bought in Holland for her mother. How perfect is this? Original Acrylic on Canvas  9"x12" Fields of Monticristello, Italy  The village of Monticristello in Tuscany. We drove through here four times looking for the B&B we were to stay in. Thanks to a local lady we met on the street who did not speak English (and we do not speak Italian), she got us where we needed to be. So I had to paint the town from the deck of our B&B. Original Acrylic on Canvas 16"x20" Hidden Delights - Monteriggioni, Italy  Artistic liscense here. The steps are actually three times as wide, and lead up to a famous castle in the back. But there was this old small structure before you get to the castle that was calling to me. Lavenders, you bet and yes this is in Tuscany. Original Acrylic on Canvas  12"x16"
Vineyard & Blossoms -Manarola, Italy  This is the entrance to the little town of Manarola on the Cinque Terre. The terraces in the background are their vineyards as they are known for their white wine. Yes, the intense colors of the buildings and flowers are right on. Original Acrylic on Canvas  48"x24" Quiet Afternoon - Bagno Vignoni, Italy  This is a very famous and busy spa and mineral water pool in Italy. But when we were there we had the town almost to ourselves. A very restful stop during a busy afternoon.  Original Acrylic on Canvas  48"x24"