Hands of the Artists

The Glassblower  The first sculpture in the first set in the Hands of the Artists collection is "The Glassblower". I watched Suzanne Kindland, a local glassblower work, and discussed with her the glassblowing process. I then sculpted the figure of an artist blowing glass, that moment of creation, and when Suzanne saw the completed figure, she blew a special glass vase that the bronze glassblower figure sits on, the completed creation. This is also a very unique piece, in that it is a hard metal bronze figure looking as though she is balanced on a delicate hand blown glass vase, and in this case both pieces were born from fire.   28" Bronze Limited Edition of 10 Original Hand Blown Glass By Suzanne Kindland The Stone Sculptor  My second artist in the Hands of the Artists collection is "The Stone Sculptor". This one is very special to me because I did both pieces in the first one of the edition of 10. My intent was to have a second artist, a stone sculptor, complete the stone piece, but as I was working on the clay of the artist figure, a couple who collect my work asked me to also do the stone carving for their piece. How can an artist refuse? It was quite an experience as I had never carved in stone before. I was always told each piece of stone has a creation in it waiting to be released, but in the beginning I could not see the image in the stone. When the clay artist figure was completed the creation in the stone was revealed.  20" Bronze with a Carved Stone Sculpture Limited Edition of 10 Original Stone Carving By Michael Tieman (Stone pictured is from #3, each stone sculpture is unique to each customer) The Poet  "The Poet" is the third artist in the Hands of the Artists collection. The artist is teetering back on a high four legged stool, head cocked to the side with half used pencils stuck randomly in her hair. The scroll of paper she is writing on (actually cast in bronze) is wrapped around her and the chair then folds into a book sitting on the floor under the stool. The book is a book with an original poem written by the bronze poet about herself and you the viewer. The poet is David Sweet, a successful Tacoma , Washington writer and poet. The uniqueness of this piece is continued in that the writing carved into the scroll will be the opening stanza of each buyer's favorite poem.  24" Bronze Sculpture Limited Edition of 10 Original Poem in Hardbound Book By David Sweet The Painter  "The fourth artist in the first set of the Hands of the Artist collection is "The Painter". This piece forever captures the excitement, passion, elegance and frenzy of a plein-air painter. Schlepping all of their supplies to sometimes remote locations, fighting the elements, the bugs and sometimes the wildlife, these wilderness painters have just a few precious hours to create their masterpiece before they lose the special light they came for. The bronze piece includes a version of an easel and the buyer of the piece can have one of the many painters at Haystack Gallery paint an original painting that sits on the easel and looks like has been painted by the bronze artist."  24" Bronze Sculpture Limited Edition of 10 Including an Original 8"x10" Painting By Select Gallery Artist
The Wine Thief  "My sixth artist in the “Hands of the Artists” collection is “TheWine Thief”. The wine master uses a glass pipette when testing the wine from a barrel. The pipette is called a wine thief. This sculpture captures the moment when the wine is poured into a glass for testing by the wine master. Behind and wrapped around the figure is a vine filled with ripe grapes. With this sculpture comes a bottle of fine wine, like this piece, hard to get and in a limited supply. Thus “The Wine Thief” encompasses the life of the wine from beginning grapes to the final bottled elixir."  24" Bronze Sculpture White or Burgundy patina available. Limited Edition of 10 Including a bottle of very collectable and relatively rare bottle of wine.