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Windswept  Proudly kneeing on the top of a cliff, head into the wind, confident in herself and ready to take on the world on her terms. I think this is the "woman" in all of my sculptures. Chiseled jaw, high cheekbones, which produce great shadows, and the athletic body and proud confidence of an Amazon warrior.  Clay Model Shown Above 12" Bronze Edition of 5 Fetch  I wanted to create a 3/4 lifesize sculpture so I did this in a maquette size and started the point up on the larger one. I was a little over half done when two things happened that stopped it. We had to close the gallery we owned, and the price of bronze went up 500%. On a 600lb. casting that was significant. So I cut up the large piece and re-cycled the clay. Her spirit is now in all of my work.  Clay Model Shown Above 24" Bronze, Limited Edition of 5